About Us

American Heritage Farms (AHF) is the lifelong dream of AHF Farmgirl.  It’s a place where creativity and freedom of expression can run wild and free.  Through this creativity portal, American Heritage Farms strives to help people by giving sage advice in a number of areas from: homesteading, animal care, gardening, and emergency preparedness to fun activities like: science experiments for kids, story books, poems, treasure hunts and new recipes to fill your bellies.


Update: New pet at AHF

Well… or big Robin moth wasted no time getting down to business in his new home.   We woke up to a big brown cocoon in his box.  The AHF boys can’t wait to see him emerge!

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Small Container Gardening

I know a lot of people that don’t have a lot of time, or space, to grow a garden.  Many times people feel that it is just too arduous of a task to tackle growing food.   But it doesn’t have to be.   Small containing gardening is a great way to start with something small and …

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