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American Heritage Farms (AHF) is the lifelong dream of AHF Farmgirl. ¬†It’s a place where creativity and freedom of expression can run wild and free. ¬†Through this creativity portal, American Heritage Farms strives to help people by giving sage advice in a number of areas from: homesteading, animal care, gardening, and emergency preparedness to fun activities like: science experiments for kids, story books, poems, treasure hunts and new recipes to fill your bellies.


Wild Weed Preventor – Friendly

Just so you know. … I hate to waste money. .. I mean really hate it.   What I hate even more is the number of chemicals that seem to be hidden in our food.  So, when I needed a weed preventor for my gardens, I did a little research.  And low and behold, I ran …

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Weed and Grass killer – cheap and effective

I’ve always wanted to have a weed killer that I could use without harming my family.   Well, today is the day.   I’m sure many of you have tried different ones that are circulating the Web.   But my ultimate favorite one, that kills sand burrs too, is the following. 1 gallon distilled white vinegar 1 cup …

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