About Us

American Heritage Farms (AHF) is the lifelong dream of AHF Farmgirl.  It’s a place where creativity and freedom of expression can run wild and free.  Through this creativity portal, American Heritage Farms strives to help people by giving sage advice in a number of areas from: homesteading, animal care, gardening, and emergency preparedness to fun activities like: science experiments for kids, story books, poems, treasure hunts and new recipes to fill your bellies.

Cultivating the Mind, Body and Soul for Generations to Come

Ready to embark on a new journey?

There comes a time in every person’s life when things just don’t seem to add up any more.  There’s never enough money, enough time, enough daylight hours to get everything done.  It always seems that you are just running behind and trying harder to catch up every day.   But what if you could “take …

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