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American Heritage Farms (AHF) is the lifelong dream of AHF Farmgirl. ¬†It’s a place where creativity and freedom of expression can run wild and free. ¬†Through this creativity portal, American Heritage Farms strives to help people by giving sage advice in a number of areas from: homesteading, animal care, gardening, and emergency preparedness to fun activities like: science experiments for kids, story books, poems, treasure hunts and new recipes to fill your bellies.


Charles committed the terrible crime. Looking at Brian’s statements, one of the statements was a lie and the other was the truth.  Therefore, it must have been either Charles or Edward. Looking at Derek’s statements, for the same reason, it was either Charles or Brian. Therefore, it must have been Charles who committed the crime. …

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Workout Wednesday: Logic puzzle – Cake Thief

During a recent police investigation, Chief Inspector Stone was interviewing five local villains to try and identify who stole Mrs Archer’s cake from the mid-summer fair. Below is a summary of their statements. Arnold: it wasn’t Edward, it was Brian Brian: it wasn’t Charles, it wasn’t Edward Charles: it was Edward, it wasn’t Arnold Derek: …

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